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Importance of Video

Video surrounds us like a digital glove. From our conception to our death, from surveillance to personal viewing yet the use of Video is still within its infancy to mankind.

How does this knowledge help you?
Clients would prefer to watch a video than read a manual.
You can fight this by continuing to produce a written Manual and let others produce videos representing your Product posted on YouTube. All that hard earned effort in creating a Brand is now in someone else's hands.

Who uses Video and Why?
Video is more visually descriptive and can or should take the work out of trying to visualize what the narrator is talking about.
Example; I enjoy short videos on how to understand and use computer software. There is no need to guess where to click next.
Example #2; putting a soft top on a Jeep Wrangler. Jeep Corporation did not make the YouTube video. Why would you allow novice clients to handle your Brand?

Business Videos hosted on YouTube, has to be one of the most important platforms of this Century. No Manual printed or handled on your end. A cost saving to you.

Branding takes Time and Money.

It is time to take back your Brand, and create a Company approved Video.